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Chimney Liners are a vital part of your chimney system
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     Unfortunately, many times chimney problems go undetected or misdiagnosed. An oversized chimney without a liner reduces the performance and efficiency of any heating appliance. Low chimney temperatures produce excessive acidic condensation on chimney walls, which causes deterioration both inside and out. Often times, costly repairs to a chimney are performed when a properly sized liner would solve the problem.




Forever Flex™ certified stainless steel liners protect against hostile acids and creosote which deteriorate masonry chimneys and other alloys of stainless steel very quickly. These lining systems protect the structure of your home from moisture damage and the very real potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. They are listed to handle chimney fires, containing them within the liner, protecting the home from house fires due to very severe chimney fires. Forever Flex™ is made from 316Ti. (316 Ti – a unique alloy designed to resist acids in the flue and the extreme stresses of hot and cold cycles. Can be used with solid fuels (wood, coal and pellet), gas and oil. It can withstand multiple heating cycles up to 2100 degrees.)

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The Chimney Man is a Full-Service Chimney Sweep Company
Serving the NJ, NY and PA. areas.

Some locations available for service but not limited to:

Frenchtown, NJ, Bridgewater, NJ, Plainfield, NJ, Flemington, NJ, Clinton, NJ, Somerville, NJ, Asbury, NJ, Washington, NJ, Oxford, NJ, Hackettstown, NJ, Belvidere NJ, Princeton NJ, Old Bridge NJ, Point Pleasant, NJ, Belmar, NJ, Red Bank, NJ, Hillsborough, NJ, New Brunswick, NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, Staten Island, NY, New York City, NY, Middlesex NJ, Easton, PA, New Hope, PA, Puxatony, PA, Nazareth, PA, Riegelsville, PA, Allentown, PA, Upper Black Eddy, PA, Kintnersville, PA

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